Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question: Top Ten List for Success as an Artist | Jason Robert Bell

Hi Jason,
I wanted to put together a top 10 list of habits or actions that make you become a successful artist. And get and bunch of opinions from different artists. Thoughts? What would be your list?

Jason Robert Bell:
David, what did you want to know? Habits of Successful artist? Success in terms of fame and fortune, or success in terms of creating work that is good that moves people? Or what, success means different things to different people, for me success is not having to have a day job, being able to pay for things only from my art and creative work, everyday spent working only in the studio and thinking only about my work is a success. Everyday NOT going to an office filled with miserable people, who have given up on whatever it is that brought them to New York, pretending to care about whatever random widget their stupid company is marketing is a success.

In terms of working and making art, I follow W.C. Fields' advice. In his youth, he was a very successful juggler, someone asked him how he got good at juggling, he said "I Juggle every night until I pass out."

- Jason Robert Bell |

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